Friday, January 27, 2012

Please Pray for Njoroge

I have been praying for Njoroge ever since we moved to Kenya, before we moved into Ngando and before I met him.  I finally met him a few months ago.  He lives in Ngando, our neighborhood.  He is a young man who struggles with drug addiction.  I found him sober today. We walked together for a while and struck up a great Jesus conversation.  He confessed that he wants to be free from drugs.  I offered to help him walk that road to recovery and shared my hope in Christ with him.  He listened with an open heart.
He's know around Ngando as the crazy drug addict.  Everyone knows him.  I could sense as we walked together that people were wondering why I would take the time to speak to him.  One man even asked, "why are you with Njoroge?" I responded, "He's my friend and I've been praying for him."
Just this morning I was reading the story of Levi the tax collector (Luke 5:27-32).
And the Pharisees and their scribes grumbled at his disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”  And Jesus answered them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.  I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”
I am believing that if Njoroge follows Jesus it will not only impact his life but it will impact this entire community.  People are watching.  Please pray for Njoroge.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

What do we do when we don't know what to do? ...An orphanage update

What do we do when we don't know what to do?
...Still walking blindly, trusting His faithfulness!
Some day, we hope to see the full picture and understand His goodness through this timeline.  
 Until then, we daily seek His guidance and trust His plan.

Girls meeting

Teaching soap making to the teen girls...

November, 2011

Some teen girls attended a group that meets at our house - (a group that attempts to bring these underprivileged neighbors the LOVE OF GOD through some practical job training and support).  The girls had come from a nearby orphanage and shared stories of abuse happening there.

We decided right away to visit the home.

On our first visit, we were shocked by the conditions.  What stuck out to us the most was that the kids were not being fed.  We came home, heart-wrenched.  Truly, it was difficult for our family to eat, as we pictured this dilapidated home full of children with no food.

We met with a group of Kenyan friends who also were burdened for these children.  We knew already that something was “not right” here!  We could not move ahead without God’s definite leading!  We sponsored a meal through a local organization - but it was only ONE meal!  That night, we were relieved - the kids had eaten.... but what about tomorrow?  ...and the next day?

 In the backs of our minds lay the nagging knowledge that there was more than met the eye in this home.  We had to somehow have the opportunity to share Jesus with these kids... get them food... and find out what was really going on!

On our next visit, we asked permission to conduct a VBS in the orphanage itself.  With a team of about 8 people, including all of our church small group, we began to plan a full day, including breakfast and lunch...  This felt like a great way to get food to the kids as well as an inroad to try to get more information about this home.

Simultaneously, with each visit,  we noticed things that left us with “unease”.  Why were the beds full with kids asleep at 3:00 in the afternoon?  Why was there a show of grading papers in the office when after the 3rd visit, we realized that they were "grading" the exact same stack of papers?  Stories were not adding up... Truly, each of us felt a level of “evil” that we couldn’t ignore. 
The classroom - the same book was in the middle of the floor every visit
Realizing that things were not "right", we were advised to get police permission to spend the day (Thanksgiving VBS) at the orphanage.  This way, we would not be implicated in the any crimes.   Turned out that the officer is a friend who attends our church!  Truly, God orchestrated this contact for us!

The officer understands our hearts and desire to help these kids... she shares the same passions!  But, legally, she said that we should NOT under any circumstance, visit the home again.  Truly, there is so much going on - it is not safe, and we could end up getting arrested along with the staff there!  ...or retaliated against by the director of the home.

December, 2011

The charges against this school go on and on...

Through this officer, at church each week we are able to check in on the situation.  So far the government has been delivering food for the children.  She will inform us if the children are not being fed so that we can help out.   In January, she tells us, the home will be shut down.... Yeah!!!

We had hoped and desired to be able to be personally involved in these kids lives.  God has seen otherwise.

And so, step by step, we have proceeded.  Our hearts so very burdened for these children!  Prayer has been our only tool and weapon to help.  We appreciate each of you who have prayed with us, and even sent funds to help.  So far, we haven’t used any of the funds.  Each dollar is sitting in an “orphanage account”, and we are prayerfully asking God what powerful way He wants us to invest that money into the lives of orphans here in Nairobi. 

Our hearts continue to ache for the many, many orphans here in this country.  We find them everywhere we go... sitting next to us in church, in our neighborhood, in Abby’s dance crew...  Truly, there is no end to the need.  We are waiting for God’s leading to see where we need to be involved. 
Abby's dance crew - yes even in this picture there are orphans!

We will follow the children from this home every step of the way.  We have been assured that they have other orphanages ready to receive each of the children as soon as the home is closed.  We will keep you informed, as we get more updates.

Unsettling... even as I finish writing, I picture this home - less than 2 miles from my front porch where I am sitting.  

What do we do when we don't know what to do?  

All I know to do is pray... and trust... 
More powerful than any practical thing I can do!