Sunday, January 13, 2013

She KILLED her baby yesterday...

I'm rereading the title of this post 
and reeling back from the shock.

It's true.

She KILLED her baby yesterday!

I remember when he was born - we helped pay the bill so she could take him home.

I remember his first smiles.  

I remember his crying in our care while she looked for a place to live and escape a drunken husband's abuse.

 I also remember her tears... as she talked about her own upbringing... the pain.  The forced prostitution... the marriage at the age of 12...

Now a teen-aged mama of 2 boys, we've tried to walk with her through each struggle...

But yesterday, she lost all HOPE!

How my heart aches!!! 

My heart aches for our neighborhood.  For each girl, mama, lady who is desperate today.  And I long to reach out to each one of them - better than I did with Silvia - to share the only HOPE that will get them through those depserate times...

The poor can run to YOU
    because you are a fortress
    in times of trouble.
Everyone who honors your name
    can trust you,
    because you are faithful
to all who depend on you.  
Psalm 9: 9 - 10 
 Please pray with me for Silvia today!
The 1st day we met her - with her son, Maina (who is alive with his father)