Thursday, November 1, 2012

She slept outside last night...
...and it was raining 
I remember the rain because I had laundry hanging outside.  I had actually worried that I had forgotten to bring the dry clothes in.   

Funny how insignificant that seems now!

Sixteen year old Lucy - I've met her once before.  Today she needed someone to listen to her story.

"My mom," she quietly mumbled, "sometimes has bad tempers."  "My father says we just have to understand her."  
With one week left of school for the year, final exams looming ahead, Mama Lucy got one of her "bad tempers" and after dark last night, chased Lucy out onto the street.  That is where she slept.

And so, over a cup of tea, we talked...
Rejection... Pain... 
the Cold... Tears
HOPE... and the ONE who will never reject us... 

I am starting to understand... this situation is not unusual!  Teen-age pregnancies, high school drop outs, desperate girls turning to prostitution - it all starts here!  
Praying for Lucy today - how can we help point her to HOPE and keep her away from a desperate solution?  Thankful that a friend has taken her in for this week.  We will continue to walk with her.