Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have to admit... these last few weeks have been TOUGH!

I've been waking up wondering how I will make it through.  What is ahead won't be easy and I honestly just don't want to face it!

Who will show up hungry?
Needing.... needing... needing...

I feel like I am the needy one right now!  Overwhelmed and empty!  How can I continue to GIVE?

Then, I open THIS GIFT...
This journal may not look like much - but it is a TREASURE to me!
A group of my friends gathered together and hand wrote personal daily devotions to me!   

And, as I open it each day, I recognize that GOD isn't asking me to do my day alone.  As I hold others' hands up toward God, I have an amazing group of friends underneath me, holding me up in encouragement and prayer as I walk each step...

This morning, I just need to thank them...
And, I thank GOD for putting them into my life!